Joy in the Mundane

This is the time of year that is hard for many farmers. So close to spring, yet having to wait for months, sometimes, until some projects can be done. It’s the time of year that you are doing the chores that have to be done in mud, rain, snow, sleet, and wind. You do them every day with little change in the weather (unless it is particularly cold one day) and little change in the routine (unless an animal goes down or pipes freeze).


Sometimes you have little desire to get up, put wood on the fire that is almost out and find out that you are almost out of wood, go milk the cows and get less milk than usual, and then do it all again the next day.


Then you have those moments of clarity, in which you see the amazing beauty of your “office” and the joy in the routine and stability of life. You see the incredible opportunity of the life that you lead in going out to care for land and animals you have been given.


You look forward with great expectation to working in the early spring weather and being even more thankful for the time of year than usual. You cherish the late winter evenings that you spend with friends and family.


You see that in those times you are discouraged, you are being utterly stupid and selfish. You have to look around you and see the grace of God in everything that happens, and not just at what has to be done. And then you can start to see progress in everything. Then you can start to really live

“Farming may be a hard way to survive, but it’s a great way to live.”


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